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Connect with Stealth Monitoring at the 2020 NADA Show

Meet Norm Charney at the NADA Show in Las Vegas!

Stealth Monitoring is the largest live video monitoring company in North America. Norm Charney, Founder and Managing Director at Stealth Monitoring, has designed security solutions for hundreds of auto dealerships in the U.S. from large national groups and regional prestigious dealerships to smaller independent locations.

Norm will be in attendance at the 2020 NADA Show in Las Vegas, February 14-17. He will be walking the expo floor and meeting with several dealers.

About Stealth Monitoring

At Stealth, we specialize in proactive and intelligent live video monitoring technology that can help you deter and reduce crime, as well as improve management and operational efficiencies. Unlike traditional security systems that are reactive, our solution combines video analytics with human intelligence to monitor strategically placed cameras in real time to watch access points, parking lots, perimeters, service and body shops, showrooms and service lanes.

Our proactive approach means trained operators watch for activity as it happens to deter crime before any damage is done. Our solution is typically up to 60% more cost-effective than traditional security guards. Plus, we provide video reviews of all relevant cameras for video evidence and customized reporting. That can be a huge time- and money-saver.

Today, Stealth has over 600 employees, monitors 25,000 cameras nightly and operates from 17 offices across the USA and Canada. We have the most robust technology platform to achieve more than twice the number of arrests than misses. In addition, we work with local police for optimal response in deterring unwanted activity and increasing arrests on property.

Each dealership’s security solution is designed and implemented for its specific needs after a discussion of crime issues, problems and costs. Stealth also does takeovers on existing cameras, and often on competitor’s systems that are not meeting word class standards.

If you have cameras, need cameras or want us to monitor existing cameras, please contact us to talk before, at the show or after the show.

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