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Construction Site Trespassers Get Unexpected Visitors

Posted by Amy Hite on Apr 13, 2018

This month’s focus: Liability

Construction sites are dangerous places. Even the smallest mistake can lead to a major injury. What can you do to reduce risk and mitigate construction site liability?

In this month’s featured video, a pair of trespassers enter a construction site early one winter morning and leave in handcuffs.

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Construction Site Trespassers Get Some Unexpected Visitors.

from UCIT & Stealth Monitoring

Construction site liability is a growing problem and can wreak havoc on a operational expenses. April’s Catch of the Month focuses on construction site liability, especially its largest contributors: security guards and workplace hazards. UCIT’s live video monitoring service can help alleviate these problems and the articles explain how.

Trespassers can create considerable construction site liability issues. Under certain circumstances, a construction company can be held responsible if a trespasser becomes injured on its site. The Catch of the Month surveillance video showed two unauthorized individuals enter a construction site at night. A UCIT operator watched the trespassers and called local police before anyone got hurt or caused damage. Click here to see the video.

Liability Issues with a Traditional Security Guard Service

On-site guards are a common security solution at construction sites in the United States and Canada, however they may not be the best option. The security guard industry lacks standardized protocols in training and job performance. As a result, certain behavior or actions may cause the security guard to miss suspicious activity or escalate an already volatile situation. Live video monitoring can be a safer, more cost-effective alternative. For one monthly fee, clients receive the surveillance equipment, installation and up to 24/7 construction site security monitoring by trained security operators.

Common Construction Site Hazards

The most common construction site hazards are related to scaffolding falls. This article explores different strategies to decrease injuries and fatalities.

Construction Site Safety Concerns and Worker Fatalities

Fatalities at construction sites are, unfortunately, all too common. One worker in New York City died when he fell down an elevator shaft while another in Montana was hit in the head by a concrete column. Both cases were a result of insufficient safety protocols and checks. UCIT’s live operators can see if workers are not following established protocols and immediately bring it to someone’s attention.

What Can Construction Site Surveillance Do for Your Site?

UCIT sends equipment technicians to install surveillance cameras, NVRs, and other necessary hardware in strategic places around your construction site. The hardware comes pre-installed with video analytics that aid trained security operators in effectively monitoring your property. Our specialists will set up parameters for activity that the software will look for, as well as alert notifications. If the software detects something that meets the search criteria, it immediately alerts the security operator who will verify the activity, activate the on-site speaker, and if necessary, call police.

Construction sites have expensive outdoor assets that need to be protected, including equipment, supplies, and in some cases, appliances. Remote video construction site surveillance can help safely and effectively deter criminal activity. In addition, surveillance video can serve as evidence in liability cases to remove fault from your company by proving you took measurable steps to ensure safety. Click here to read the article.