Aggressive Suspect Stabbed, Then Arrested

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on March 12, 2018

This month’s focus: Security Guards

Many multifamily residential properties hire security guards to monitor their residents and physical assets. But being a guard is a risky occupation since the job requires them to be on the front lines at all times. Often, security guards face the same risks as police officers but without the adequate training, back-up or materials to properly diffuse the situation.

A man is seen trying to open the door of a car parked at an Indianapolis apartment complex. He is confronted by the car's owner, who starts to chase the suspect around the car. The male stops in front of the car and pulls off a plastic headlight cover and throws it at the female car owner. After running away from the parking lot, the couple returns to the car, whose four doors are wide open. The man pulls an object from the backseat and bangs it on the roof of the sedan. The woman walks away from the car towards the apartment building. The man grabs a bag from the car and runs after her. According to the police report, the suspect was stabbed by the female out of camera view. See the full video here.

Alternative Solution for a Security Guard Service

Security guard service companies vary in their training protocols, however there is no federal standard for armed guards. Armed security guards can carry guns without fire arm training in 15 states. Nine states do not require federal criminal background checks and very few check whether security guard candidates ever abused drugs or alcohol. In many locations, a person can work as a security guard regardless of prior experience or history. This data comes from a year-long investigation by CNN and The Center of Investigative Reporting.

Subsidized Housing Security Company Makes Residents Feel Unsafe

According to the Chicago Reporter, on-site security guards at a multifamily apartment complex in Chicago patrolled the property with guard dogs. The guards wore bulletproof vests while carrying hand guns, tasers and military-style assault rifles. The security guard service was paid with taxpayer dollars from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The president of the security service company said his firm was needed to protect residents from gangs and drugs, however they claim the guards showed racial discriminatory behavior and violated their civil rights. One tenant was pulled out of the passenger seat of a moving car and handcuffed to a pole.

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