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Employee Monitoring is an Added Benefit of Video Surveillance

Posted by Norm Charney on Sep 17, 2018

As a business owner or property manager, you know the importance of surveillance cameras on deterring crime like theft, trespassing or damage. However, with innovative advancements in technology, security cameras can be used for more than just catching criminals. Many businesses choose to use them for employee monitoring. Not only can their use help increase customer satisfaction, they can enhance productivity and improve employee performance.

Employee monitoring isn’t a new tactic. More than 80% of management say they use some type of electronic monitoring in the workplace. Of those, 63% monitor employee Internet connections and online activity. Businesses justify employee monitoring by saying they want to protect the company from unwanted actions conducted over their network.

There are some aspects of employee monitoring that businesses must consider. The first is to follow your state’s privacy laws. Generally, these laws affirm there are areas where the use of surveillance cameras is off-limits, including changing rooms and restrooms.

The second aspect of employee monitoring to examine is trust since it has the potential to create an environment of doubt and misgivings. If employees must worry about constantly being watched, their productivity may be negatively impacted. It’s important for businesses to establish a monitoring program that can minimize employee distrust. Being upfront, establishing a policy and showing employees how it can benefit them will all go a long way in helping to minimize concerns.

Employee monitoring is often used to help your staff work more efficiently. Whether you run an office, retail business, auto dealership or industrial property, you can analyze which processes are working best and which need to be modified. A third-party remote video surveillance solution can help you put a successful system in place. Trained specialists will design a plan and install cameras in the most strategic areas of your property, so you can get the best views of your operations.

You can see an example of employee monitoring at an auto dealer mechanic’s garage in Texas.

Employee monitoring can be a delicate subject for businesses. If you establish clear and reasonable policies from the start, you can help protect your employees while creating a safe work environment.

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