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Feel the LOVE and Connect with Stealth at NAA’s Apartmentalize Expo 2024 in Philadelphia

The multifamily real estate industry has a long-standing tradition of adapting to the evolving needs and preferences of modern consumers. From embracing sustainability initiatives to integrating cutting-edge smart technology, this dynamic sector has consistently demonstrated its agility in meeting the ever-growing demands of an expanding population. As we look ahead, the multifaceted multifamily market is poised for continued growth and transformation. 

However, recent surges in criminal activities such as theft, loitering, vandalism, and trespassing across North America have heightened concerns over public safety, making crime prevention and security paramount for multifamily residential property owners, managers, and residents alike. 

Robust safety and security measures are pivotal in ensuring the success of multi-residential properties 

Explore our proactive apartment security solutions at the highly anticipated National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize Exposition 2024, taking place at the Philadelphia Convention Center in The City of Brotherly Love. This event promises unparalleled opportunities for networking, professional development, and industry insights tailored to the multifamily residential market. Philly will be the epicenter of the rental housing industry for these three days, and we can’t wait to connect and share our passion for multifamily residential security at the biggest event of the year! 

Reserve a time to meet our expert team at Booth #2527 now. 

NAA’s Apartmentalize 2024 Expo- Feel the LOVE and Join us in Philly. 

The biggest event in the rental housing industry, the National Apartment Association’s annual Apartmentalize 2024 will be an incredible opportunity to meet with and engage top professionals and supplier partners looking to connect, share ideas, and find solutions.  

With unparalleled learning opportunities in 100+ sessions, multiple learning formats, and 200+ industry experts, the opportunity to connect with 12k+ industry peers and leaders, and sessions and social events across all three days, the schedule is optimally designed to maximize connections between attendees and exhibitors- making it a much-looked-forward-to event for the team at Stealth. We relish the countless opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with the top thinkers in the industry. We can’t wait to see you there! 

About Stealth Monitoring 

Stealth Monitoring is a leading private provider of cutting-edge live video monitoring solutions tailored for the multifamily residential sector across North America. Headquartered in the dynamic cities of Dallas, Texas, and Toronto, Ontario, we offer multifamily residential community managers and owners the tools to not only help ensure a safe environment for residents but also to enhance their investment value. Our services can help reduce guard and labor expenses, cutting security costs by 25-60% compared to traditional methods, without compromising effectiveness.

Our proactive, customized apartment video surveillance solutions operate in real-time, swiftly detecting and responding to unfolding events as they occur. Stealth’s highly trained security operators leverage a powerful blend of advanced video analytics and human intelligence to vigilantly monitor for suspicious or unwanted activity. This innovative security solution not only helps secure properties but also supports crucial aspects of property management such as reducing resident turnover, managing reputation, facilitating self-guided tours, and mitigating unpaid damage charges.

Unable to make Apartmentalize 2024 but still want to learn more about how our customized, proactive security solutions can enhance safety and security for your property and residents? Contact us for more information. 

Planning on attending this amazing event? Make sure to reserve a time to meet our expert team at Booth #2527 today! 

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Tennessee Alarm Contracting Company License Number: 2294
Virginia Private Security Services Business License Number: 11-19499
Alabama Electronic Security License # 002116
Canada TSBC License: LEL0200704

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