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Individuals Playing with Guns Arrested at Apartment Community

Posted by Tammy Miller on May 20, 2022

Sometimes the behavior of a resident or guest can become a safety risk. If this behavior continues, it could potentially make other residents feel unsafe. No one wants to live where they don’t feel secure. This is a key factor in minimizing vacancy and maximizing rental…

Arrest of Burglary Suspect at Apartment Building

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on May 19, 2022

Package and mail theft is a serious issue for apartment communities. It’s a widespread concern all across North America. Fortunately, for property owners/managers, there are ways to combat it.

Car Prowlers Caught and Arrested in Apartment Parking Garage

Posted by Eric Nauta on May 12, 2022

Parking garages seem to be a calling card for criminals. Especially overnight. Dozens of vehicles left unattended for hours. Thieves know they can find something of value in at least one or more of the vehicles there. Something they can turn into cash.

Multi-family Home-sharing: An Emerging Strategy for Ancillary Revenue

Posted by Joseph Curd on May 10, 2022

AirBnB’s launch in 2008 was exceptionally disruptive to the hospitality industry…but it didn’t stop there. By providing a new vehicle for homeowners to offer temporary housing to paying guests (a need formerly satisfied only through the hotel industry) the market quickly…

We’ll See You at Colorado Rising Conference & Trade Show

Posted by Shawna Ivy on May 6, 2022

The Apartment Association Metro Denver, Rocky Mountain Region’s largest multifamily housing conference, is quickly approaching. Stealth Monitoring’s multifamily security experts are ready to meet you and share insights about the benefits of our live video monitoring solutions.…

Individual Caught Loitering Outside Apartment Building

Posted by Jason Lewis on May 3, 2022

When people loiter at an apartment building, it can make residents, their guests and staff feel unsafe. This unwanted behavior can also have negative impacts on the property’s reputation and ultimately the NOI.

Arrest of Suspect Using Drugs in Apartment Building Laundry Room

Posted by Jamie Lynch on April 21, 2022

Most apartment community owners and managers have adopted no-tolerance policies around harmful behaviors that could lead to dangerous situations. These could include no guns or illegal drugs allowed any place on the property. In the following video, an individual was “living it…

Erratic Individual Cause for Concern at Apartment Community

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on April 21, 2022

The safety of your property and residents is a top concern. When residents feel safe, it can create a sense of belonging and encourage them to remain loyal to your community. When they feel threatened, it could cause them to seek a more secure place to live. In this Arrest of…