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It’s Time for NADA Show 2022

Our team of automotive dealership security specialists are gearing up for the NADA Show 2022 in Las Vegas, March 11-13, 2022. We look forward to meeting you there!

Automotive Dealership Security Challenges

Inventory shortages. Key Swapping. Auto theft. Parts theft. False claims. The automotive industry is no stranger to security threats. With millions of dollars’ worth of inventory out in the open for people to see and touch, claims of damage in service departments, even thieves pretending to be customers, driving off in vehicles awaiting pick up, dealerships must have tailored security solutions to protect themselves and their customers.

A Complete Dealership Security Solution

Many dealerships turn to security guards as a way to protect their lots. Guards patrol major access points and reduce the threat of loss. In fact, sometimes just the presence of guards patrolling a property will discourage criminals from attempting to target your dealership, but not always.

One downside is that guards can’t be in multiple places at one time. Suspicious activity on the lot is missed when a guard is patrolling other areas of the property.

A remote video monitoring system, tailored to the security needs of your dealership is a proactive approach to security. Using a combination of advanced video analytics and trained security professionals, our solution provides greater coverage than traditional security systems and often for less expense.

Cameras are strategically placed so monitoring operators can monitor perimeters, lots, access points, service departments and showrooms for unusual activity simultaneously. When the video monitoring system picks up something suspicious, the operator is alerted to quickly assess the situation and take action, helping to ensure the dealership and their assets are protected.

Schedule a Time to Meet with Us at the NADA Show 2022

We are currently booking meetings in Las Vegas, March 11-13. Our security experts will be on-hand to share real examples of how our proactive tailored video monitoring solutions have helped automotive dealerships across North America deter theft and damage, mitigate false claims, improve operations and reduce overall security costs.

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If you can’t make it and would like information about a security solution for your dealership, contact us.

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