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What Can Live Video Monitoring Do for Your Commercial Property?

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 14, 2018

Live video monitoring is a proactive enterprise security solution for many types of commercial properties including, warehouses, shopping centers, apartment complexes and auto dealerships. Many traditional surveillance systems only notify the police once a sensor is triggered. This often results in false alarms since human error, moving debris, and small animals are generally the cause. Because false alarms can deplete police resources, there are often penalties incurred if they happen.

Stealth Monitoring’s live remote video monitoring solution is proactive, meaning real people are watching multiple areas of a commercial property in real-time. When trained operators see anything suspicious, they can call local authorities. The live surveillance video verifies the activity as a crime in progress, which gives it a higher priority and quicker police response.

Besides verifying activity and improving police response time, what else can live video monitoring do for you?

It Can Detect Unauthorized Activity

Stealth Monitoring uses video analytics and human intelligence to help protect clients from thieves, vandals, and other criminals. Video analytics is a customized software that can help trained security operators detect unusual and suspicious activity. Stealth presets algorithms that will disregard irrelevant movements like blowing debris, tree branches or birds flying by. When it identifies anything unusual, a trained commercial security operator is immediately notified. The operator will evaluate the situation and act accordingly.

It Doesn’t Need a Sick Day

It’s normal for employees to get sick, and security guards are not impervious to illness. If a guard is ill, he may not be able to perform his job adequately. In addition, the guard company may not be able to find a replacement in time. This is never a problem with remote video surveillance. There are several monitoring centers with multiple security operators at each location.

Stealth uses a team of trained operators that can watch your cameras from three monitoring centers. There will always be someone ready to look out for your property.