Medical Tenants on the Rise in Orange County Shopping Centers

Posted by Rick Charney on December 21, 2018

Online shopping has certainly made life more convenient for consumers. However, many brick and mortar stores are losing business, forcing some to close their doors. These vacancies have left shopping center managers with empty sites and huge holes in their net operating income.

To help combat this problem, Orange County, California retail properties are welcoming medical tenants. For example, one shopping center in Costa Mesa houses an 18,500-square foot health center and a 3,000-square foot urgent care facility.

What’s the big draw? Healthcare tenants are attracted to shopping centers because they want to be located within a community, with offices that are more accessible to their patients. Additionally, the medical field tends to be slower than other industries to adopt a technology only-based format. Patients still prefer to see their physicians face-to-face because it makes them feel comfortable. For these reasons, having a physical location makes sense. Besides, their client base already frequents these shopping areas, so why not make doctor visits more convenient?

Medical spaces may require more of an upfront investment, with stricter codes than typical shopping center tenants. However, most of these retail spaces are fitted for the medical industry’s needs. The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) stated that these spaces may need extra security. Medical offices are stocked with expensive lab equipment and drugs, often valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. This makes it attractive to potential thieves.

The video below showcases one way to increase security at a medical office space.

The suspect parked behind a medical office around 2:30 a.m. Our security camera system operators, who saw the suspect holding a crowbar, called the local police. The suspect exited the facility but was met by responding officers. He immediately surrendered and he was placed under arrest.

To combat vacancy issues and retention rates, shopping centers in California have begun to include medical facilities as tenants. There are unique challenges associated with medical properties, including the need for extra security.

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