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Meet Our Scrap Facility Security Specialists at ISRI Convention & Exposition

The ISRI Convention and Exposition is right around the corner. Our scrap and recycling security specialists are gearing up for a great event. Schedule a time to meet with them one-on-one at booth 1044 in Las Vegas!

Scrap Facility Security Issues

As you know, scrap facilities face many security challenges, from theft to fires to safety issues. Fires, in particular, can be devastating. The damage and costs for repair, remediation and cleaning can ruin a scrap business.

Metal theft is also a constant problem in the industry. When the price of metal goes up, naturally, so does scrap theft. The abundant supply of metals in a yard at any given time, coupled with a perceived lack of security, makes scrapyards a big target.

Securing Your Scrapyard

The key to an effective security solution is to catch activity before major damage happens. A proactive system like remote video monitoring can do just that. High-definition surveillance cameras programmed with video analytics, can be placed strategically around your yard. When the analytics in the cameras pick up suspicious activity that falls outside of the pre-determined parameters, a trained monitoring operator will be alerted. The security professional can quickly assess the situation and take action. This can be activating an on-site speaker warning and calling local authorities.

Adding thermographic cameras provides an extra layer of protection. These cameras use thermal imaging technology to detect increases in temperature. This could signify a potential fire. Again, the cameras will alert a monitoring operator who can jump in to report the incident to the local fire department, potentially before it spreads and causes major damage.

Schedule a Time to Meet with Us at the ISRI Convention and Exposition

Our team of scrap and recycling facility security experts are ready to tell you more about our remote video monitoring solution. Schedule a time to meet with one of them at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, March 21-24th.

If you can’t make it to Vegas and would like more information on a cost-effective security solution for your scrap business – one that can save you up to 60% on your security expenses – contact us.

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