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New Updates in Security Technology and What Does It Mean For You?

Posted by Amy Hite on May 14, 2018

In the last few years, there has been a rapid growth in the security technology market. It is no longer solely about surveillance cameras. Some of the biggest changes include how data is captured and how this data is leveraged. This is leading the way in new ‘smart video’ capabilities.

What Does Smart Video Mean?

IoT Agenda defines smart video as a shift from simple imagery to insights. In other words, smart video can collect data for forensic purposes and then analyze and understand the context of that data. It uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms from big data to provide immediate insights and predictions.

For example, this new security technology can help with parking space management for retail properties, including determining peak hours of operation, parking usages, average parking durations, and vehicle movements.

Besides data management, advancements in security technology have also impacted security cameras. Many new cameras have computing, as well as local data capture and analysis capabilities that allow the surveillance cameras to provide valuable insights in real time, without a lag.

While smart video capabilities continue to increase, the amount of storage needed to handle the large volume of data will need to be scalable. The strategy will be to store data both locally on the camera, as well as in the cloud, reducing the need for costly recorders or additional servers.

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