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Philadelphia Apartment Security Can Help Decrease Property Damage

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Mar 12, 2018

Apartment Security Can Help Decrease Property Damage and Liability Risk

Apartment communities are faced with a range of security concerns and among those several can expose apartment management to significant risk. Common security issues communities face each year include vandalism, theft, arson and general property damage. The following examples illustrate the need for a proper security solution that can proactively identify potential risks and deter things from escalating in advance rather than just reacting after an event has occurred.

Series of Fires Set at Philadelphia High-Rise Apartment Building

Arson is to blame for a series of fires that were set during a three-week span at a Center City apartment building. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there were various fires set on the fifth through ninth floors. Fortunately, the sprinkler system quickly doused the flames, and no one was hurt. The suspect or suspects have not been caught. The building’s management company, along with the ATF, are offering a $10,000 reward.

Property damage is not the only danger residential managers should think about. The following example illustrates how much risk apartments are exposed to throughout their entire property including open outdoor areas like parking lots.

Apartment’s Liabilities Don’t Just Include Indoor Space

A Philadelphia apartment resident filed a suit against a complex for injuries he allegedly received from a slippery liquid outside of a dumpster. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff lost his balance and fell after encountering the substance.

The plaintiff claimed that the apartment management knew about the leaky dumpster condition for an unreasonable amount of time and failed to take adequate preventative measures.

So What Can a Multifamliy Apartment Complex Do To Help Prevent This Kind of Action?

Many multifamily residential properties rely on security guards to monitor their property. However, one person cannot be everywhere at the same time. Stealth’s live remote security services have been used to replace and augment traditional guard services at a fraction of the cost and with more effective results. In addition, we provide video review and data analysis to help mitigate false liability claims.

Our proactive solution can help you maintain a safe environment, minimize exposure to liability, reduce vacancy rates and improve your net operating income.

Want to learn more? Download our white paper, Changing of the Guard, to read more about the financial and liability implications of traditional security guards