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Proud Past, Promising Future. Meet Us at the 2021 FAA Trade Show.

There’s no question the multifamily industry recently faced unprecedented challenges. From conducting virtual tours to the economic fallout that has made it harder for many residents to pay rent, property managers and owners have been forced to rethink their strategies.

Although many things about the industry have changed, it will move forward. One thing has remained and perhaps always will … the continued need to keep residents safe.

Help Protect Your Valuable Assets with Live Video Monitoring

Stealth Monitoring works with multifamily communities to help improve security and reduce expenses through implementation of our live video monitoring solutions. Essentially, we watch your property in real time when you’re not there, helping to reduce unwanted behavior – for up to 60% less than the cost of guards.

We have helped hundreds of apartment communities across North America:

  • Reduce security and property damage costs.
  • Deter and reduce crime often before it occurs.
  • Increase marketability.

Meet Us at the FAA Trade Show 2021

Our multifamily security experts will be in attendance in Florida at the FAA Conference and Trade Show 2021: Proud Past, Promising Future. We hope you will schedule a time to meet with one of them to learn more about our proactive security solutions for your multifamily property.

To schedule your meeting, click here.

If you can’t make it out to Florida, no worries! Just contact us for information about our proactive multifamily security solutions.

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