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UCIT Online Security and Stealth Monitoring: Building the future of Remote Video Surveillance

Posted by Amy Hite on Apr 11, 2018

Today, I am excited to announce the next phase of the evolution of our company. As you may be aware, UCIT Online has merged with Stealth Monitoring; this was an obvious partnership as both businesses focus on designing, installing and providing proactive remote video monitoring security solutions. As one company, we are now the largest independent provider of video security technology solutions in North America with over 450 employees in 13 offices. We watch more than 18,000 cameras from 3 central stations, for thousands of customers (ranging from multi-family residential to commercial/industrial).

Together, we can now offer our customers the best of both worlds in video monitoring. This includes both event-based security solutions that leverage the latest video analytics technology, as well as live monitoring solutions for high-traffic and complex operations that require trained video monitoring operators to proactively identify suspicious activity and deter live crimes in progress.

Our combined services enable us to provide unique, tailored solutions to our customers no matter what environment they need to secure. We are excited about uniting UCIT and Stealth Monitoring to fulfill our mission of using a combination of video technology and human intelligence to help solve complex business problems and make our world a safer place.

As exciting as this is, we are not done yet. Looking ahead, we will continue to invest heavily in technology, as we believe it is the key to our future. Over a year ago, we began investing in innovation with the creation of Stealth Labs, our R&D division. With this new group, we are pioneering innovations to our existing services, as well as creating new products and services, beyond just video solutions, that enable us to solve more complex business problems. These solutions range from updating our existing mobile monitoring technology (UCIT’s construction Igloo’s) to partnering with our customers to create unique solutions to monitor for flooding, noise pollution and even trespassers looking to climb construction cranes. However, our innovation doesn’t stop there, we are actively exploring possibilities with machine learning, artificial intelligence as well as drone technology.

This union is about opportunity and growth and we are excited about our future. In an effort to provide the best experience possible to our customers, later this year, we will bring all our offerings together under the Stealth brand. Over the next year, UCIT’s existing product lines will become our construction focused solution set under the Stealth brand. As we transition and move toward this goal, you will begin to see the Stealth brand woven into the UCIT experience on the website, social media platforms, and more.

Stay tuned for more announcements and be sure to follow and join us on social media to get the latest updates as we make this transition. To find us on social media, just follow the links below. If you are already following UCIT on social media, be sure to make the shift to Stealth.

Rob Cherun

Chief Executive Officer