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Retail Security: Dumpster Diver Detained

Posted by Rick Charney on Sep 23, 2019

Many consider dumpster diving to be a victimless crime, but in some locations it is illegal. In this video, our Stealth security operator saw an individual pull a truck up to a dumpster in the back of a Des Moines shopping center.

The suspect got out of the vehicle and hopped into the dumpster. He pulled out a box filled with items and tossed it towards the truck’s window. The man then leapt out of the dumpster, got back into the vehicle and drove away to another trash receptacle.

Our trained operator contacted the police. After questioning the suspect, responding officers placed him under arrest.

Dumpster divers and other trespassers can pose dangers to you and your property. Live video monitoring is an effective solution for deterring such unwanted activity.

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