Security Video Shows Chemical Damage at a Seattle Car Dealership

Posted by Norm Charney on February 19, 2018

Security video can be effective when used as evidence in identifying a suspect after a crime has occurred. It can't, however, do much on its own to deter a crime in progress.

A used car dealership in Seattle learned this lesson the hard way.

Seattle Police are looking for vandals who attacked a used car dealership. According to the security video, a light colored car slowed down while it passed the dealership. Someone in the back seat streamed a liquid spray onto cars and trucks in the parking lot.

The owner of the dealership believed the liquid spray may have been a type of acid or chemical because it was so corrosive, it stripped the paint down to the metal. The spray also broke and damaged several plastic parts. Nearly 30 cars, or a quarter of the inventory, were destroyed. Damage was estimated at $150,000. Extensive work, including stripping, resurfacing, repainting and buffing, will be needed to bring the cars back to life.

The incident was not the first time this used car dealership was targeted -- it was the fourth, including another chemical spray attack.

The owner of the Seattle car dealership felt he was specifically targeted. Not only were the attacks costly, the chemical spraying poses a safety hazard. The attacks are a part of an ongoing investigation.

This used car dealership is not a Stealth Monitoring client.

Live security video monitoring was not reported, which means the video feed was not watched in real time. If it were, a trained security operator could have seen the vandals and called local police. The operators could have even provided responding officers with up-to-date information about the suspects, including their location and description of their vehicle. This all would have increased the chances of the suspects getting caught while still on or near the dealership.

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