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Shopping Center Drug Bust

Posted by Rick Charney on May 21, 2019

Commercial properties that are not monitored can be vulnerable to criminal activity like loitering, drug use, vandalism, break-ins and theft.

In this video, a group of individuals was loitering at a California shopping center. One of them was seen injecting his right arm with an unknown substance. A trained Stealth security operator activated the on-site speaker warning, which the suspects ignored. Our operator contacted local police. Officers arrived and made an arrest.

Stealth’s proactive video monitoring provides the ability to actively watch site activities in real time and use voice-down communication to inform trespassers or undesirables they have been spotted and authorities are on the way.

Our customized solutions can help maintain a secure environment for visitors and tenants while minimizing liability and reducing costly guard expenses.

For tips on how to maximize security and minimize cost at your commercial property, download your copy of Your Complete Guide to Securing Your Shopping Center Property here.

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