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Stealth Announces Merger with Eyewitness Surveillance

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Mar 8, 2021

Stealth Monitoring is excited to announce we have finalized a deal to merge with Maryland-based Eyewitness Surveillance to become the North American leader in technology-driven commercial video surveillance.

The combination of the two businesses will create unprecedented capabilities that will span North America. We will continue to provide deep industry expertise across multiple verticals including construction sites, auto dealers, shopping centers, apartment and office buildings, distribution yards, scrap metal facilities, and other businesses with outdoor assets or requirements for physical security guards.

As one company, we will employ over 1,000 people from 33 offices and will proactively monitor nearly 50,000 cameras across more than 3,000 commercial sites.

Erik Mikkelsen, President & CRO of Stealth Monitoring said, “We have discussed the merits of a partnership with Eyewitness for years and are extremely excited to officially make it happen. Their commitment to delivering world class customer service and dedication to continuous improvement makes them a great cultural fit for us.”

To read more about this new partnership and what it means, click here.

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