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Thrift Store Thieves Caught and Arrested

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Jan 20, 2020

In this video, a pair of thrift store thieves get more than they bargained for.

Two individuals, one male and one female, were seen walking around the storage area of a California thrift store after hours. The male was carrying an axe and attempted to access a trailer parked on the property. The female picked up an item and walked around. In addition to a cat lying in the seat of a forklift, the couple was being watched by a Stealth Monitoring security operator. The operator activated the on-site speaker alarm, but the warning was ignored. The security operator then contacted the police. The pair was then seen sorting through several items.

Theft on loading docks and storage areas can be a big problem, especially if they are left unmonitored and unprotected. They become easy targets for thieves.

Officers arrived, cut the locks on the gates and gained access to the property. The operator directed them to a white van. Police instructed the female suspect to exit the vehicle. They put handcuffs on her and took her into custody. The male individual was not apprehended at this time.

Help Deter Crime with Live Video Surveillance

How can you help prevent theft of your assets when no one is around to help protect them? Live video monitoring can help deter criminal activity like theft, vandalism and damage. Trained security operators watch for live activity. If they notice something, they can activate speakers and contact police directly. This can increase the chances of making an arrest while criminals are still on the premises.

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