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Trio of Trespassers Tracked Down

Posted by Eric Nauta on Jun 18, 2019

Property managers are responsible for making sure their apartment buildings are free from criminal activity. Whether it’s theft, vandalism, illegal drugs or even maintenance repairs, residents’ safety concerns can affect rental rates and market value.

Just after 3:30 in the morning, three individuals entered the lobby of a San Francisco apartment building. They began to rifle through the desk. Upon completing that task, they made their way to the parking garage. One of the suspects approached a donation receptacle to examine its contents.

This trio was unaware we were watching and had called police. Officers arrived and we quickly directed them to the suspects. One of them, who managed to retrieve a fair number of items from the donation box, tried to hide behind a car but was soon discovered.

All three suspects were placed under arrest.

Stealth Monitoring’s live video surveillance works in real time to catch activity as it happens. This property previously used a low-cost drive-by patrol that missed most, if not all criminal activity. We filled in some blind spots with new cameras, and they replaced the drive-by with our service providing full 8-hour live monitoring. The same owners have scaled our solution into other apartment assets and have been able to cut their courtesy patrol successfully while receiving better results.

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