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Video Forensics and How It Impacts Surveillance

Posted by Amy Hite on Jan 29, 2018

Video forensics is the examination and comparison of video footage for legal matters. The process enhances, clarifies, or identifies events as they naturally happen. This technique uses non-destructive methods that preserve pixel quality. The video footage is often used as evidence for a criminal investigation or a court case. Video evidence often comes from CCTVs, mobile DVRs, dash cams, body cams, and sometimes from witnesses. A trained expert can use the video analytics to increase the effectiveness of remote video security.

The Video Forensics Process

The video forensics process is unique to each video. It can include sharpening, adjusting brightness and contrast, highlighting on specific things, and zooming in on areas of interest. Each video forensics expert must be trained to understand the total system.

Video forensics processes need to show the enhancements that the forensics expert used. This documentation aids the local police officers and court officials in understanding the events on screen. Some videos may have up to ten enhancements. The final step in the video forensics process is to take a frame with the least amount of movement and use it for printed or digital display.

The Importance of Video Forensics

Video forensics and video analytics can help clients and local authorities understand what happens on a commercial property. Video analytics is used on surveillance video in real-time, while video forensics is used after the event occurred.

Video analytics can determine whether a movement is important or unimportant. A trespasser will be detected on the property and, in events of no-consequence, allowed to pass. Trained operators can immediately notify on-site security and police. In addition, Stealth’s IP-security cameras are able to digitally adapt to lighting conditions or adjust with a built-in filter.

Video forensics can include vehicle and people counters, access controls, information gathering technologies and license plate capture and recognition devices.

About Stealth Monitoring

Stealth Monitoring, a privately held company with U.S. headquarters in Dallas, TX, and Canadian headquarters in Toronto, ON, is North America’s leading provider of live video monitoring solutions. We specialize in proactive and intelligent video monitoring technology that can significantly improve threat detection and police response. Our security solutions feature advanced technology, coupled with human intelligence and efficient processes, to help detect and deter crime while reducing security guard and other expenses. We are also heavily invested in the future of computer vision and artificial intelligence. We are actively developing new technologies that can enable executives with valuable business intelligence data to improve their day-to-day operations and decision-making abilities. We have over 500 employees, 15 offices, and 3 redundant live video monitoring control centers. Our team proactively monitors 20,000+ cameras daily, resulting in more than 15,000 deterred crimes, 500+ arrests and 35,000+ analyzed customer videos every year, securing peace of mind for business owners throughout North America. Our clients include construction sites, shopping centers, apartment buildings, auto dealers, office buildings, industrial facilities, distribution yards, cannabis operations, and other businesses with outdoor assets. They range from large global enterprises to single location companies. Our proactive solutions can help reduce external and internal theft, vandalism, property damage and provide you with actionable business intelligence. We can even reduce or replace security guards at a fraction of the cost – up to 60% savings.

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