What Are the Added Benefits of a Video Surveillance System Service?

Posted by Amy Hite on May 25, 2018

There’s more to Stealth's Monitoring's video surveillance system service than just live monitoring. There are a multitude of value-added services that make it a great security solution for multi-family residential, retail, industrial, self-storage and other types of commercial properties. The value-added services include consulting, training, video review, remote maintenance and reporting. Each of these services is included in our monthly customized security service.

Video Surveillance System Service Added Benefits


Because every business is different, you need a security system that is just as unique. A Stealth Monitoring security specialist will visit your property to assess your issues and challenges. They will then create a detailed site map with camera locations and views, as well as provide recommendations for fencing, lighting and internet requirements that won’t impact your day-to-day operational use.


Stealth provides comprehensive security camera system training for your staff. This allows your team to become familiar with the surveillance system service and how to view camera feeds.

Video Review

Our video review department is available to you whenever you need us. This beneficial service allows you to see video evidence of specific events, both during and after monitoring hours. Simply tell us the location, date and time of the incident and we will do the rest. Requested video can be used to determine liability in property damage, vandalism or accidents in parking lots.

Remote Maintenance

Each of our indoor and outdoor security cameras are formatted to automatically notify us if there is a hardware or software issue. We can often repair the problems remotely. However, if we are unable to fix it from our office, we will dispatch someone to make the repairs as soon as possible.


Stealth's video surveillance system service clients receive screenshots and security video of incidents that occur during monitoring hours. Included in the report is information about the types of incidents and activities that take place on your property.

Consulting, training, video review, remote maintenance and reporting are just a few of the added benefits provided by Stealth's video surveillance system service. When combined with proactive live video monitoring, these services can help commercial property management lower operational expenses, increase security and save time.

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