Weatherproof Security Cameras Can Remain Effective During Extreme Weather

Posted by Amy Hite on August 13, 2018

From scorching summer heat to blistering winter winds, weather conditions can be brutal. Criminals don’t take a break just because the weather outside is unfavorable. Many commercial properties and apartment complexes use on-site security guards or patrols to monitor their property, but what happens if the conditions are too harsh or dangerous for them to be able to effectively do their job?

During the summer, excessive heat, heavy rains and hurricanes are normal phenomena that can often be fatal. In fact, according to the US Climate and Health Alliance, heat waves kill more people in the United States every year than earthquakes, lightning, hurricanes and floods combined. This puts outdoor workers, like security guards, at risk.

Hurricanes and excessive rain can also impact a security guard’s productivity. Not only can heavy downpours impair vision, lightning strikes can cause injury or death. Criminals often take advantage of these opportunities, knowing the likelihood of being seen or confronted is diminished.

Weatherproof security cameras with live remote video monitoring are a viable solution. Enclosed with a durable and impervious case, these cameras can withstand outdoor conditions. Trained security operators, remotely located in a safe environment, watch these cameras in real time without the concern for extreme weather conditions. While a guard can only be in one place at a time, security operators can watch multiple locations on a site simultaneously from a much greater vantage point. In addition, a remote security operator can monitor your property after a storm has passed and alert you of any potential hazards.

Weatherproof security cameras are an effective crime deterrent, even in severe conditions like excessive heat, heavy rain and hurricanes. If you have any questions about live video monitoring and ONVIF-compatible weatherproof security cameras, contact us here.

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