What Can a Security Camera Monitoring Service Do for Your Multifamily Residential Property?

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on June 15, 2018

As an apartment owner or manager, tenant safety should be among your biggest priorities. If residents don’t feel safe, they won’t stay, and that can cause its own set of issues. A properly designed security camera monitoring service will not only help foster a secure community, it can also benefit you in many other ways.

Crime Prevention

The obvious benefit to a live monitored security camera service is deterring crime. Trained operators will watch your property in real time to look for suspicious activity and call police if necessary. This will not only serve as a crime deterrent, it will give tenants peace of mind in knowing their residence is being monitored for potential wrongdoing.

Evidence Capture

Has your multifamily property experienced damage from residents or guests? Despite the best intentions, unfortunate situations can happen. A security camera monitoring service can record evidence, which is very to helpful if there is a police investigation or legal procedures.

Operational Spending

On-site guards are a common security solution at multifamily apartment complexes, but that doesn’t mean they are he best choice. The average unarmed guard makes between $12 and $20 an hour. Armed guards can earn even more. One person cannot be everywhere at the same time and hiring a team of guards can be costly. Even if a guard concentrates on specific areas, he can still miss something. Additionally, there may be places on the property that are inaccessible to a guard like an alley or rooftop. In some instances, a guard may act inappropriately and become risks themselves, as was the case in with this guard who was caught sleeping on the job.


The feeling of safety is a contributing factor in where people decide to live. A security camera monitoring service can help you market your property to boost occupancy and decrease turnover.

Stealth’s security camera monitoring service can help you deter criminal activity, capture evidence, decrease operational spending and improve marketability. To learn more about our we can help you, click here.

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