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What to Consider in a Video Surveillance Service

Posted by Amy Hite on Jul 24, 2018

Loss of materials and delays in schedules are serious concerns for any construction site manager. Setting up video surveillance at the site is a proactive way to deter criminal activity like property damage and theft and protect your investment in materials and manpower. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a qualified, reputable surveillance service.

The first thing you may do when choosing a surveillance service is to read reviews and ask other people in the industry for input. Be sure the companies you are considering have positive reviews, experienced design and installation professionals, industry knowledge and up-to-date security technologies. A company that has positive reviews from third-party, unbiased customers, can likely meet your expectations.

Because construction sites have a unique set of challenges and concerns compared to other commercial properties, it’s crucial to work with a video surveillance service that has knowledge and experience in your specific industry. You want to select a company that employs security professionals who can design and install a customized security solution that is catered to your construction site needs and budget. For example, if your site is in a remote and desolate area, you will need a self-sustaining surveillance solution like a standalone solar-powered unit.

Technology continues to change the security industry. The days of grainy analog cameras have given way to more sophisticated, high-tech solutions. Depending on your needs, the video surveillance service you choose may use video analytics to easily identify unusual behavior; thermal imaging, weatherproof and vandal-resistant cameras; and a remotely-located team of professionals who can monitor your site live and respond to criminal activity in real time.

No matter what type of construction project you are planning, you should consider a video surveillance service. Choose one with experience and knowledge in your industry, and who will help protect all your valuable assets.

If you have any questions about UCIT’s video surveillance service and how it can proactively deter criminal activity and minimize liability at your construction site, contact us here.