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Will We See You at ICSC Las Vegas 2022?

In just a few weeks, retail experts and dealmakers will be making their way to Las Vegas for ICSC 2022, the industry’s premier event. Stealth’s team of retail security specialists will be there, too, with videos and demos of our proactive live video monitoring solution. Schedule a time to meet with one of them while you’re at the show to learn how we can help deter crime, mitigate liability and save on security expenses.

Security Threats in Shopping Centers and How to Help Reduce Them

Every retail center is different. From tenant mix, foot traffic, customer demographics and location density, each one has its own unique security challenges. Therefore, they could all benefit from a robust and customized security solution

In addition to parking lot crimes, vandalism and damage, organized retail crime (ORC) is on the rise. According to a report by the Retail Industry Leaders Association and Buy Safe America Coalition, almost $70 billion worth of products was stolen from retailers in 2019. Since then, these thieves have gotten more violent and brash.

When criminal activity persists at a retail center, it can have far-reaching and damaging impacts including deterring customers, temporary or permanent business closures, increased insurance premiums and damaged reputations.

A proactive security solution can help deter and reduce crime before damage happens. Live video monitoring combines advanced technology with human intelligence to watch retail centers in real time. If our trained security personnel see something suspicious while monitoring the property, they can act immediately and call the proper authorities.

Unlike a security guard or courtesy patrol who can only be in one place at a time and is limited to only what they can see in front of them, live video monitoring operators watch multiple cameras to cover more areas of the property at the same time. That translates to greater coverage and less expense than traditional security solutions.

Schedule Your Meeting with One of Our Retail Security Experts at ICSC Las Vegas

Want to learn more? Schedule a time to meet with one of our security experts at ICSC Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center, May 22-24. You can find us at Booth 4779. This is a great opportunity to speak to one of our retail specialists about your security issues and learn how successful we have been helping shopping centers throughout North America deter crime, minimize damage, mitigate liability and improve their NOI.

Can’t make it to Las Vegas? No problem. Contact us for more information.

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