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Do You Have Wireless Security Cameras on Your Property? We Can Watch Them

Posted by Amy Hite on Jul 25, 2018

Many property managers and business owners use security cameras to protect their self-storage, shopping centers, and other types of commercial property. However, just the presence of cameras on their own isn’t always enough to deter or prevent criminal activity. For this reason, some property managers may see them as a wasted operational expense, but they shouldn’t write them off so easily.

Stealth Monitoring has had over a 90% successful adoption rate when taking over existing security systems. We can monitor most wireless cameras, as long as they are ONVIF-compatible. ONVIF, or Open Network Video Interface Forum, was formed to standardize how IP products in the video surveillance industry communicate with each other.

Prior to taking over an existing system, our security experts will assess the quality and condition of each camera, then link them to our NVR (Network Video Recorder) and new, scalable software. Unlike many monitoring companies, Stealth offers open architecture systems that allow us to integrate your system with any security camera on the market, not just a proprietary brand. Once the security system is in place, our trained video surveillance operators can watch the cameras in real-time from one of our monitoring centers to help deter crime before it happens.

Whether your business uses analog or IP wireless security cameras, we can work with you. However, IP wireless security cameras capture clearer video quality and can often be used to identify the suspects. In the video below, our IP wireless security cameras continue to record and stream high-quality video at night. The license plates of the cars in question have been blurred for anonymity.

Should something go wrong with an IP camera, it is much easier to repair than an analog one. Our customized video surveillance systems are equipped with software that will notify our IT team of any problems with the system. Most often, the repair can be made remotely. Something else to keep in mind is that since IP security cameras have become an industry standard, it is typically easier to find replacement parts if need be.

Don’t worry if you can’t upgrade your analog system. As previously mentioned, we can watch most analog and IP, ONVIF-compatible wireless security cameras, which can help generate significant savings. Because our system is scalable, we can upgrade your cameras as your desire and budget allows.

If you have any questions about security camera takeovers or commercial security solutions, contact us and someone from our sales team will follow up with you soon.