Stealth Labs

At Stealth, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we have developed Stealth Labs, our collaborative R&D department where we create leading-edge products, solutions and services for our customers. Technology is constantly changing. Our team is focused on the development of new products and solutions that provide peace of mind for our customers and keep us at the forefront of the security industry.

Success Stories

Stealth Labs has introduced many innovative products that have benefited our customers, including:

Solar Trailers

Fully off-the-grid, solar-powered, live video monitoring technology that is entirely self-sustaining.

Crane Climbing

Minimizes liability by detecting thrill-seekers and other intruders who are scaling construction cranes.

Advanced Video Analytics

Counts trucks and monitors activity on construction sites. Can help customers see the utilization of heavy equipment on-site.

New Products on the Horizon

Here is glimpse of innovations we are testing:

Facial Recognition Software

Uses image processing and machine-learning algorithms to match a photo of an unidentified person against a database of photos.

Business Intelligence

Stealth is heavily invested in the future of computer vision and technology-driven processes that transform data into actionable information to help business owners make more informed decisions.

Ground-based Robot

Equipped with a camera and video analytics, the robot can tour around a property after hours. If it spots unusual activity, it will send an alert to a trained operator. Another use is the ability to identify people at the front door for more secure access control.

Fire-Detection Cameras

A camera with video smoke detection capabilities that will alert a monitor when it sees fire or smoke.

The Future of the Security Industry

There’s no doubt that technology has altered the security industry exponentially. While the future is hard to predict, we are always thinking about the next product and how it will make an impact.