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This Is What You Need to Boost Medical Equipment Security

Medical equipment theft is an expensive problem. Just one medical care facility had 383 items valued at $11 million go missing over a four-year period…

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What Are the Top Benefits of Integrated Security in Manufacturing?

Integrating manufacturing systems allows all the apps, tools, and technology to work together seamlessly. This enhances operational efficiencies, especially at a time when there are…

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How to Prevent Lawn Equipment Theft

A landscaping company’s employees were working in the back of a woman’s home in Atlanta. While they were in the back, brazen thieves stole more…

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Supply Chain Issues at Food and Beverage Facilities and How to Overcome Them

If anyone didn’t know what the supply chain meant, they do now. The supply chain has constantly made the news for the past two years…

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What Does It Take to Prevent Equipment from Being Stolen?

A tractor supply store got robbed not once but twice in one month. A Fox Queen City News story reported the investigators needs the public’s…

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