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Attempted Car Break-Ins

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Oct 19, 2020

One of the most vulnerable areas at a multifamily property is its parking facility. Thieves see a lot or garage filled with potential treasure. It’s a crime we witness all too often.

This video features incidents of both attempted and successful break-ins from four separate multifamily communities. In part one, two individuals were seen trying to access multiple vehicles in the parking lot of a Houston community. A Stealth security operator was watching and contacted police immediately. Officers were on the scene within minutes and made an arrest.

In part two, our security team spotted a pair of trespassers at another Houston property searching for unlocked vehicles. After making their way around the parking lot, they managed to open the trunk of a car and promptly remove several items. Our operating monitor called police, who arrived and arrested both suspects.

The third incident took place in a California parking garage. A male suspect scoured several floors of a parking garage tugging on door handles. Again, we were watching and called police. Officers arrived while the suspect was still there, and they made an arrest.

Finally, at another California property, an individual was checking cars in an apartment parking garage. He was able to grab a box and bag from the back of an SUV. One of our security operators contacted police about the incident. Officers arrived to patrol the property. They found their suspect and arrested him.

When your residents start to feel unsafe, they may reconsider their living arrangements. If they are unhappy, you can bet they will share that with friends, family and even on social media. A proactive security solution like live video monitoring can help safeguard your valuable assets.

At Stealth, we don’t wait for alarms to sound. We watch for activity in real time to help deter crime before it happens. If you would like more information about unique security solutions to help secure your multifamily community, as well as save up to 60% on your security spend, contact us.