Attempted Storefront Break-in

Just before dawn, a Stealth Monitoring security operator witnessed an individual kicking the storefront window of a postal office located in a California retail center. Our operator activated the on-site speaker warning, which the suspect ignored. A call was made to local authorities.

Appearing to be very agitated, the suspect continued to kick the glass, as well as a mailbox on the sidewalk. Officers arrived and took the individual into custody.

Having a glass storefront is essential to attracting customers. What’s inside the store can also tempt wrongdoers. A pane of glass isn’t going to stand in the way of them getting what they want.

You can help protect your investment with a proactive security solution. Live video monitoring combines human intelligence with video analytics to catch incidents in progress and help prevent damage before it occurs. Unlike a guard who can only be in one place at a time, security operators can monitor multiple areas of a property simultaneously and for up to 60 percent less cost.

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