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Construction Site Trespasser Jumps Fence

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Mar 6, 2020

In this video, a trained Stealth security operator saw a male individual jump the fence of a Calgary construction site after hours. The operator activated the on-site speaker warning, which the suspect ignored. The trespasser then entered the building. Our operator contacted the security guard for the site, as well as police. The monitoring operator gave officers a description of the suspect and directed them to the site’s location. Responding officers arrived and intercepted the perpetrator.

How Trespassers Can Impact Your Site

A trespasser on a construction site can affect costs and timelines. Losses can include the value of any stolen materials, costs to repair damage, project delays, as well as liability if someone is injured while on the site.

A Proactive Security Solution

Remote video monitoring can help protect your site from these unwanted visitors. Stealth Monitoring can watch your site to help detect, deter and respond to any threats. Our proactive video surveillance system combines advanced technology and human intelligence to give you complete site monitoring and help guard your valuable assets. In addition to increasing your ROI and helping to lower insurance premiums, our solution can save you up to 60% on security costs when compared to guards.

For more information about our remote video monitoring solutions for construction sites, contact us.