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Jobsite Fence-Hopper Apprehended Empty-Handed

In this video, a single individual approaches the fencing surrounding a construction site around 10:30 pm.

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Man Loading Luxury Vehicle Trunk with Stolen Construction Materials Busted

In this Arrest of the Month video, a bold thief decides to load the trunk of his luxury sedan with pilfered goods from unfinished units in a lovely Ontario community.

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Three Suspects Attempt to Flee Construction Site After Caught Trespassing

In this video, three people wearing hoodies approach the fencing surrounding an active construction site around 1:15 in the morning.

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Suspect Seen on Camera Breaking into Construction Site Arrested

Just after 1:00 am, a security professional noticed a suspicious individual lurking around a jobsite.

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Why and How Often Should You Update Your Security Strategy?

What’s in your company’s physical security strategy? How often do you review it to ensure it’s current? Has your security strategy been updated in the…

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