Distribution Center Car Break-In

The suspect approached a parked car in the lot, then seemed to struggle getting the door open. Once inside, he pumped the brakes numerous times. Because of the suspicious nature of the suspect’s actions, our trained Stealth security operator contacted police. Officers arrived at the property. They questioned the perpetrator and placed him under arrest.

Car Theft Data

According to the Insurance Information Institute, approximately $6 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2018. Criminals often target vehicles that are parked in dark and isolated areas. The most common reasons vehicles are stolen are:

  • To use to commit another crime
  • To re-sell for parts
  • To go on joyrides

Help Protect Your Property with Live Video Monitoring

Many commercial properties hire security guards to monitor their property. This solution can be expensive. With limited coverage ability and inadequate training, guards can also be ineffective.

Live video monitoring is a more proactive alternative. You get a team of trained security operators to watch live cameras for break-ins, property damage and other criminal activity. When they see something, they can act immediately by activating on-site speakers and calling police.

For more information about live video monitoring solutions for your distribution center or other type of commercial property, contact us.