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Monetizing Security While Balancing Access, Safety, and Profitability

There’s a saying in multifamily that references the reach and influence of crime: “Crime doesn’t live in a specific zip code.” It simply means that no community is immune to crime and unwanted resident behaviors. Things like loitering, littering, cleanliness, theft, drugs, harassment, property damage, arson, and violence can lead to complaints, poor reviews and move-outs. All which can negatively impact profitability.

Making an investment in security can certainly influence your net operating income (NOI). An effective solution can have a positive impact on these multifamily operating fundamentals:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Leasing/Retention Management
  • Ancillary Revenue Growth
  • Expense Management

How do safety and security influence each of these disciplines? This paper will go in depth into this topic, as well as how legacy security solutions are providing lackluster ROI. Finally, we’ll answer the question: Where should multifamily operators look to improve safety and security?

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