Video Review Request: Car Tailgating into Parking Garage

Accidents, damage and crime can happen at any time. Property managers and their staff are often charged with reviewing video footage to find evidence of any wrongdoing. This can take hours to perform. It’s time they could be spending on other important tasks.

Stealth has a dedicated team of video analysts who will search through hours of footage to investigate any issues and then present you with an edited clip of their findings. These clips are often shared with police, as well as insurance companies to aid in investigations.

In the video above, you see some vehicles tailgating into the parking garage of an apartment building, bypassing the entry management system and gaining access to the property. Management needed our help in an investigation about a stolen car and requested footage from the incident. Our team of analysts spent hours sifting through the footage to find exactly what they needed.

This value-added service saved the property management team roughly 72 hours of time. Can your current security solution do this? If not, contact us.