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Over $1 Million in Luxury Cars Vandalized in Hawaii

Posted by Norm Charney on Oct 7, 2015

A rather bizarrely dressed woman made the rounds at a high-end dealership on Kapiolani Boulevard in Honolulu, Hawaii, resulting in several luxury cars vandalized. The woman, wearing a baseball cap and slippers, with a sweater tied around her waist, keyed a dozen very expensive cars in two separate incidents at a dealership located on Kapiolani Boulevard. This included Bentley cars.

Honolulu Luxury Cars Vandalized Twice

The first incident took place at 8:20 AM, when surveillance video shows the woman casually keying a half-dozen very expensive luxury cars in broad Hawaiian daylight.

A month later, apparently emboldened by getting away with her first attack, the woman returned to the Honolulu luxury car dealership and damaged another six high cars. She was again caught on surveillance video, this time at 8:30 AM. Despite committing her crimes in broad daylight, within the view of security cameras, and while wearing rather unorthodox getaway attire, the woman has yet to be identified.

The “slipper-y” vandal left long, deep scratches down the sides of the Hawaii luxury vehicles. Because of the high-quality finishes on the cars, some valued at more than $200,000, the luxury cars vandalized will be neither quick nor easy to repair. The process of painting such high-end vehicles, from primer to colors to clear coats, typically takes several days. And that can only begin after the careful process of smoothing out the gouges in the metal. These high-end Honolulu luxury dealerships estimate the repairs might cost $100,000 or more because of the extensive labor involved.

The dozen of Honolulu luxury cars vandalized had a combined value of over a million dollars. The sticker price of just one sports car, a bright red Bentley, was $275,000. The damage done to it has decreased its value by tens of thousands of dollars; the vandalism to that car alone will cost several thousand dollars to repair. It’s amazing to think that a lone woman in slippers could do so much damage without being caught.

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