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2013 Video Surveillance Predictions

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 18, 2013

Future Security

Photo by futureatlas.com | Flickr.com

Recent IMS Research lead to the development of an infographic depicting 10 trends in video surveillance to look out for in 2013. Here’s a brief rundown of the predictions:

1.Wireless video streaming from an on-site camera back to a control-room monitor

2.Double-digit growth of the video surveillance equipment market in India

3.Simple cameras and products that are easy to use and maintain

4.Intelligent video surveillance that can process information and recognize suspicious events

5.Private cloud-based infrastructures for enterprise surveillance systems

6.Improved image quality will become a focus of manufacturers

7.Enhanced remote video applications that allow you to monitor videos from a number of platforms

8.Chinese companies looking to broaden their markets in the West

9.Vertical integration of surveillance vendors, offering design, installation, service, and maintenance services

10.Compilation and use of analytics and meta-data from video feeds as Big Data.

In short, 2013 will see the video surveillance industry as a whole progressing toward easy-to-use setups that provide higher-quality images and wireless, remote streaming of video feeds.

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