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$250,000 Car Theft in Georgia

Posted by Norm Charney on Mar 14, 2015

One thing that’s true about thieves targeting car dealerships is that they aren’t afraid to go after high-end cars. This makes real-time video monitoring especially critical when you have cars on the lot that are worth a lot of money. Here’s a recent example of a high-end car theft that could’ve been prevented in Georgia.

Last month, thieves literally drove two cars worth a total of $250,000 right off of the property of a car dealership in Gwinnett County in Georgia. The thieves were actually caught on surveillance footage. If the dealership had been using a live monitoring the crime might have been deterred.

Instead, the criminals walked into the dealership in the morning, bought something from the store, and then simply wandered into a showroom. A thief literally just grabbed two Audi keys and then gave one to an accomplice outside. The suspects then just drove the cars right off the lot. Both of the cars were two different models of Audi.

It’s impossible for employees to keep track of everything that’s happening at all times on their car lots. As a result, the suspects were able to evade police and get away with the stolen Audi models.

As of February 20th, they are still at large.

This auto dealership is not a client of Stealth Monitoring.

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