4 Tips for Using Time-Lapse Cameras in Construction

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on February 13, 2019

Time-lapse cameras in construction offer many benefits for companies. They give you a seamless view of your entire construction project from start to finish. They allow you to share construction progress with your stakeholders. They offer construction site security. They provide proof of your capabilities to use in marketing, and they provide documentation that could potentially lead to better ways of doing similar projects.

What are the factors to consider when implementing time-lapse cameras in construction? Here are four time-lapse camera tips to optimize construction site security.

1. Positioning is Key

You want to make sure you get the best view of your job site. Placing the cameras outside of the perimeter will give you long-range shots and increase your view. In addition, placing the cameras facing the corners of the building will add depth to your shot.

If your project has multiple phases, it is best to place the cameras closer to where the last phase will take place. This will minimize the amount of times they will need to be moved.

2. Secure Multiple Cameras in Strategic Locations

One camera tells only part of the story. They key is to place more than one camera around the site for the best views of the entire construction site. Cameras need to be secure so they won't budge in harsh weather conditions or anything else that could try to move them or knock them off.

3. Check the Lighting

Because time-lapse cameras can record 24 hours a day, it is important to have proper lighting for nighttime views. Additionally, the sun can affect daytime views. The 9 am sunlight may not cause problems, but the sun at 3 pm could, as it may cause glare. That's why it's critical to optimize lighting for the entire day and night when installing time-lapse cameras.

4. Service Cameras Regularly

Mother Nature and heavy-duty construction work can affect the cameras' operability. Don't wait for something to happen to the camera to fix it. Regularly servicing them ensures they're always working 24/7. You also want a backup plan in case of a power outage. It's also a good time to check the backups.

Stealth Monitoring runs a proactive health-check every day to maximize uptime. The health check, field technicians and service teams can detect issues related to power, Internet connections and any camera outages.

Applying all four tips to your construction time lapse cameras will help you maximize your investment and ensure you capture the best footage.

You can see video footage of construction sites using time lapse cameras and live video monitoring to get an idea of how it'd work for your company. For more information on construction site security solutions, please contact us.

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