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5 Steps to Healthy Apartment Building Technology

Posted by Pearson Brock on Apr 11, 2019

Managing an apartment building requires keeping an eye on many moving parts. As such, ensuring technology remains updated and in working order doesn’t always make the top of the list of things to do. Nonetheless, it’s important to maintain tech to ensure things always work as planned.

Here are five steps to help you efficiently keep your apartment building technology current.

1. Create a Checkup Schedule

Create a list of all the technology you have in place. Then for each item, determine if it needs a checkup on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Once you capture it all, sort the items by time. So, you group together all the monthly items, all the quarterly items, and so on.

Next to each item, write down who needs to perform the checkup. Employees? Management? Vendors? This will make it easier to see what you have and when the task needs to be done. Finally, select months and days to do this.

2. Review Social Media

One of the more valuable uses of apartment building technology is having a private group for your tenants. This allows them to get to know each other and lets you communicate goings-on. Verify your social media efforts are fresh and current, as social media changes constantly. Platforms gain new features or new sites are created that will be worth investigating.

3. Add or Update Software

You may have noticed when you go to a website, a chatbot pops up. Online chat is one of the more popular and useful website features today. Customers want answers ASAP and they like the immediacy of chatbots. Your systems may also need software updates that could fix bugs, improve performance, and add valuable features.

4. Find New Sources for Revenue

Like social media that keeps changing, so does technology that can enhance your revenues. For example, you might not realize you can save money by using live video monitoring instead of security guards 24/7. You can reinvest the cost savings in amenities to attract more tenants.

Maybe when you originally investigated security cameras, you found them cost-prohibitive. Technology advancements like remote video surveillance make it possible to have a more thorough security solution for a more affordable price.

5. Run a Health Check on Remote Video Surveillance System

You don’t want to take the chance to have an incident happen, only to find out the cameras that should’ve captured the incident aren’t working properly. A system health check looks for problems related to power, wireless, Internet, and camera outages. It analyzes the cameras, hard drives, and other equipment to optimize performance.

Just like humans and cars require regular checkups, apartment technology needs the same. Catching a high blood pressure problem during a checkup is cheaper and less damaging than letting it remain untreated. It could lead to heart attack or death. Giving your technology a checkup takes a little bit of your time and pays off in big savings in the long run.

To learn more about remote video surveillance and other apartment building and property security solutions that help drive up retention rates and reduce turnover costs, please contact us.