This Will Make You Rethink Live Video Monitoring Companies

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on February 8, 2019

Think about luxury and economy cars. If you remove the price tag, which would you choose? You most likely will pick the luxury car. Why? Because it offers more. More features, more top-quality materials, more comfort, just more everything.

When you're looking for the best live video monitoring services for your business, you want to approach it the same way as you would luxury vs. economy cars.

Advantages of a National Company's Live Video Monitoring Services

When you look at a small, local business and one with a large national presence, you know the larger business offers more resources. With more resources comes more innovation, more options, more testing, and more technologies.

In a small business, the employees often do multiple roles. This can split their attention rather than allow them to focus intently on doing one thing well. A large company with remote video surveillance assigns employees to specific roles. No one's attention is divided. Each person focuses on his or her specific role.

Security operators concentrate on watching the monitors. That's what you get when working with a live video monitoring leader. In a small business, the owner or a few employees could be doing the monitoring, but they could potentially work long hours or have other assignments. Larger companies ensure their employees who do live video monitoring stay fresh, always watching for suspicious activity.

A leader also has the resources to do research and development. Their team constantly investigates new technology and looks for better ways to provide remote video surveillance services.

The Benefits of Working with the Live Video Monitoring Leader

Stealth Monitoring is the live video monitoring leader because we continue to develop new technology and can tailor video security solutions to meet the needs of your business. Our team of operators receive training to effectively monitor more than 20,000 cameras in North America across three redundant monitoring centers every night. Our clients include apartment buildings, auto dealerships, construction sites, shopping centers, office buildings, cannabis operations, industrial facilities and any other business with outdoor assets.

Most monitoring services are reactive, meaning they wait for a crime to happen to react. Our proactive solution uses audio voice-down communications to let would-be criminals know they're caught. The speaker warning tends to compel suspects to run away from the property.

When something does happen, our trained operators contact the police. They stay on the phone with the officers, keeping them informed of what's happening. We also have a video review department that provides customer support to help with liability claims.

You can see how our process works in this video. Our operators spotted an individual mixing unknown substances in an apartment community laundry room and contacted the police. Officers arrived and placed him under arrest.

Wouldn't you say your business deserves the Tesla of remote video surveillance services?

If you would like more information about our customized live video monitoring security solutions to protect your business and property, please contact us.

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