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6 Tips to Help Keep Your Property Safe This Holiday Season

Posted by David Charney on Dec 7, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for criminals. While stores are brimming with activity, many
non-retail businesses may be closed for a few days, so employees can celebrate
the season with family. That means offices filled with furniture, computers,
phones, TVs and other electronics, will be unoccupied, making them easy targets
for thieves.

Whether you’re a property owner or manager, it’s your job to
help keep your tenants’ belongings secure while your office is closed. We’ve
put together a short list of tips and best practices to provide some

Keep Your Property Well Lit
It probably
goes without saying that one of the leading causes for break-ins is a dark
property. To help keep your business protected, make sure your parking lot and
entrances are well lit. Additionally, leave a few lights on inside to make it easier
to see intruders.

Check and Re-Check Locks
As you lock
up to leave, double check all access points, including windows, doors, gates
and loading docks to make sure they are all secure.

Tell Your Neighboring Businesses
This is
especially important if your business will be closed for an extended period. Be
sure to alert your neighbors to let them know the dates you will be closed, so
they can keep an eye on your property.

Tell Your Local Police
Just like
your neighbors, police can help watch your premises. Even if they don’t patrol
the area, they will at least be ready if they hear of any suspicious activity
near your property.

Protect Pipes from Freezing
Not all
threats are criminal in nature. Water damage is a serious threat that can be
very costly. Make sure the thermostat in your building is set to at least 40o
F and all exposed pipes are thoroughly wrapped with insulation sleeves.

Utilize a Proactive Video Monitoring System
Odds are you
have some sort of security system in place, but is it reactive or proactive? With
a reactive system, you simply set it and respond to it once it goes off. A
proactive system’s goal is to deter criminal activity before it happens or
causes serious loss and damage. At Stealth Monitoring, we don’t wait for an
alarm. Instead, our trained security operators watch for and evaluate suspicious
activity in real time. They can activate speakers at trespassers and call
police with live reports on the criminals.

we provide other added services, including a flood detection system that senses
water flow, leaks and pipe freeze conditions. Our operators can inspect your
property through security cameras and keep you updated about conditions at your
place of business.

Help keep your property safe and secure this holiday season.
Double check your locks, keep everything well lit and alert your neighbors and
local authorities about your closure dates.

For an added service, Stealth Monitoring offers a holiday
monitoring service for our customers, based on their individual needs. If you
would like more information about our proactive security solutions and how they
can help protect your valuable assets, click here.