A Case of Meddling Metal Thieves

Posted by Rick Charney on August 24, 2020

In this month’s video, two suspects wielding bolt cutters attempt to meddle with electrical boxes.

A trained Stealth security operator spotted a pickup truck behind a Dallas, Texas shopping center after hours. Two people carrying box cutters exited the truck and approached the electrical boxes. Our operator contacted Dallas police and gave them a description of the individuals and their vehicle.

The two suspects were seen leaving a large electrical box and approaching a smaller one attached to the building. Minutes later, they walked back to their truck and started to drive away.

Officers arrived and made contact with the suspects as they were attempting to flee. Both suspects were handcuffed. One was taken away in the police squad car. The other was released.

Copper Theft – An Ever-Present Problem

Copper theft plagues businesses every year. It is not only illegal, it can cost business and property owners thousands of dollars to replace, as well as lost revenue if they must temporarily close for repairs.

Copper thieves also create dangerous situations. If a customer or employee should come in contact with an exposed wire, they could be shocked or electrocuted.

The current price of copper is around $2.85 per pound. Combine the value of the metal with the low likelihood of being caught and you have set the stage for the perfect crime.

How to Improve Your Copper Threat Detection

Because of the ever-presence of copper theft, commercial property owners need to stay vigilant. An effective security plan should include live video monitoring.

This proactive solution can help detect and deter crime, including copper theft. It involves a team of security operators who monitor multiple, analytics-based cameras, simultaneously and in real time. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate audible speaker warnings to deter thieves and call local police, as you saw in the video.

Live video monitoring offers many advantages over traditional security guards and patrols. Among them are:

  • Extensive site coverage
  • Proactive response
  • Quicker response time
  • Cost savings – up to 60% compared to traditional guards

To learn more about live video monitoring for your shopping center or commercial property, contact us.

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