A New Age Of Safe Security Guard Guidelines

Posted by Amy Hite on July 26, 2015

This article was written by a former Security Guard.

Having years of experience as a security guard in Baltimore, Maryland, I remember a supervisor and I walking around a fenced perimeter when we came across a small tear in the fence. Looking at that one small opening, I thought to myself, I can never leave an opportunity available for the criminal mind, which is always looking for an opportunity, even when I am not.

After talking with my supervisor about fixing the problem, I remembered what I had learned in my training. According to the security guard guidelines:

  • A security guard ’s role is to protect the people and property of his or her employer or contracted clients.
  • A security guard’s responsibility before an incident / offense has occurred is to Deter criminal activity.
  • A security guard’s responsibility after an incident / offense has occurred is to Report on their Observations.

Taking these security guard guidelines to heart, I set out as an observant security guard, the best I could be. But I quickly realized that regardless the site I was protecting, human weakness always interfered with my ability to maintain excellence. As a security supervisor, I learned that human frailties within my own officers led to many financial losses for clients. Whether it was a quick bathroom break, lunch break, fatigue, or just not wanting to work, problems arose through natural human error and weakness; if only there remained a better solution.

According to statistics dealing with retail security, "retail loss prevention is geared towards the elimination of preventable loss[2] and the bulk of preventable loss in retail is caused by deliberate human activity, traditional approaches to retail loss prevention have been through visible security measures matched with technology such as CCTV and electronic sensor barriers."

Not only does human error and weakness become problems for security, but there remains an ever-present danger of attack and physical harm, which leads to financial loss not only to the client, but the security guard agency as well.

Stealth Monitoring provides a live monitoring system watched by trained operators. They watch monitors of video cameras that can cover key security points like fences, entrances, gates, and doors. They can monitor and alert on-site security guards, as well as the police, if the situation warrants. They can sound an audio alarm and follow the whereabouts of the intruder, hopefully before any crime or vandalism occurs.

The productive and cost-effective Stealth service is a part of the new age of business security. It helps security guards be more productive. Live monitoring should be a part of all Safe Security Guard Guidelines. Take it from a former security officer - Stealth is a great asset for any commercial property.


Stealth Monitoring proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime while reducing - or even eliminating - security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can watch security guards and the property. If operators sees unusual activity, they can alert an on-site guard, activate an audible warning to deter thieves, and call the local police. Please contact Stealth today for more information to protect your apartment building, shopping center, car dealership, self storage location, industrial property, office building, or other business. Visit our web site to see actual videos of criminals being apprehended.

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