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A Proactive Solution for Mailroom Theft in Multifamily Communities

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Jun 3, 2024


Mailroom theft in multifamily communities, like apartment buildings, has significant impacts on residents, contributing to financial loss, privacy violations, and decreased trust in overall security. These communities often feature centralized mail areas that, while convenient, can become targets for thieves looking for easy access to a large number of mailboxes at once. And with mail theft continuing to rise, this issue becomes even more salient for renters. 

At approximately 3:30 am, Stealth security professionals monitoring a Texas apartment community caught sight of an intruder in the mail room that appeared to be accessing multiple mailboxes and removing items. Audible alarms were immediately activated, and local police dispatchers contacted due to the nature of the activity observed. Observing monitoring operators also made contact with the onsite security officer to make them aware of the activity. Law enforcement responded to the site and were observed on surveillance making contact with the suspicious individual and appeared to take them into custody. Video footage of the incident was also requested from the local authorities. 


At roughly 2:20 am, Stealth security professionals monitoring a California multifamily residential building spotted an individual wearing sunglasses and towing a large rolling suitcase accessing the building before entering the mailroom and appearing to check multiple resident mailboxes. Local police dispatch was contacted, and officers responded onsite quickly, locating the individual still in the mailroom and appearing to take them into custody without further incident.  

A Common, Potentially Devastating Crime 

Financially, mail theft can lead to direct losses when checks, credit cards, or gift cards are stolen. Victims may face a lengthy and complex process to cancel fraudulent charges or replace stolen funds. For example, if a thief intercepts a credit card, they can make unauthorized purchases, and although banks often cover fraudulent transactions, the initial impact and subsequent hassle can be distressing for the victim. 

Privacy is another significant concern. Stolen mail can include sensitive personal information such as social security numbers, bank statements, or medical records. This exposure can lead to identity theft, which is not only a violation of privacy but also has long-term repercussions for one’s credit score and financial security. Recovering from identity theft often requires considerable time and effort in disputing fraudulent activities and securing compromised accounts. 

The community atmosphere can also suffer. Increased mail theft can erode trust among neighbors and between residents and property management, leading to demands for improved security measures such as better lighting, security cameras, and restricted access to mail areas. 

Mail theft trends have led to some significant concerns. According to a May 2023 press release from the United States Postal Service, Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) witnessed a staggering 412 instances of United States Postal Service (USPS) letter carriers falling victim to robberies while carrying out their duties. Alarmingly, the first half of Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) has already seen 305 reported incidents, indicating an increasingly prevalent and disturbing pattern. 

Additionally, the USPS has reported a surge in high-volume mail theft incidents targeting mail receptacles, including the iconic blue collection boxes. In FY22, a substantial 38,500 such incidents were recorded, while the first half of FY23 witnessed over 25,000 cases of mail theft from these repositories. 

Fostering a Secure Community through Proactive Measures 

In the commercial residential space, the concern over package theft looms large, but it need not be an unavoidable reality for your multifamily community. Rather than leaving residents to devise their own strategies against this threat, consider integrating live video monitoring into your security solution. This proactive approach can help significantly reduce the risk of theft and other criminal activities through real-time surveillance. 

Security concerns, such as the unsettling prospect of encountering trespassers, can undermine residents’ sense of security and make them reconsider their living situation. Live video monitoring helps to protect residents and their property, alleviating these concerns. By deploying analytics-driven cameras and our professional remote video monitoring staff, your community can more effectively address suspicious behavior. 

Our trained monitoring personnel are equipped to respond swiftly, notifying local authorities to facilitate prompt action against any intrusion. Recent experiences have underscored the efficacy of immediate response in apprehending individuals who compromise the security of your property. 

To explore how live video monitoring can help fortify the security of your multifamily community, contact us today and speak with a multifamily residential security specialist for details on how live video monitoring can help save you as much as 60% on security expenses. 

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