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Air Conditioner Copper Theft in Southwestern Austin

Posted by Rick Charney on Apr 26, 2015

Copper is one of the most easily accessible and stolen metals. Copper is so valuable that thieves decided to target the metal instead of taking cash from a shopping center in Southwest Austin last year.

The thieves took copper lines from air conditioners in a popular southwest shopping center in Austin. They took this copper from the roof of some of the buildings in the center. One business owner of a pet store complained that having to worry about the air conditioner copper theft took time away from managing his business to deal with the malfunctioning AC units. Another store manager had to climb up to the roof on top of his business to figure out what was going on. The shopping center owner said that he’s now going to have to pay for expensive repairs and that this is going to cut into his business. A property owner in this region can’t afford to go without a functioning air conditioner.

Apparently, this also wasn’t the only air conditioner copper theft in the area either. There was another air conditioner copper theft on top of a grocery store from the same shopping center just 6 months earlier. The property manager has advised tenants to inform police if they see any suspicious activity at the shopping center.

This shopping center is not a client of Stealth Monitoring. Stealth proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime for greater security while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator could have seen unusual activity such as air conditioner copper theft, activated an audible warning to deter the thieves, and called the local police.

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