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Analog vs Digital Cameras and Live Monitoring

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 27, 2015

In crime prevention, there are two types of cameras that can be utilized, analog or digital. The information below looks at both to help your business decide which security measure can assist in protecting your assets and property.

Analog Cameras

Analog cameras properly placed can deter crime by letting criminals know they’re being recorded. If crime should occur, police can view the recorded footage. Depending on the quality of the camera, at best, you get an above average image quality to identify criminals, as opposed to digital cameras which have an image quality of 6-20x clearer.

Analog cameras carry their signal over coaxial cable. Remember coaxial cable? Coax is that cord that you used to plug into the back of your tube TV. The maximum resolution that an analog signal can carry is 640×480, which means you have a viewing angle of about 70 degrees. Your phone probably has a higher resolution than analog cameras!

Any problems will require a qualified technician to diagnose and troubleshoot on-site.

Digital Cameras

IP stands for Internet Protocol and basically refers to a digital video camera that can send and receive data via a computer network, as opposed to sending a feed to a DVR. Digital cameras carry their signal over Cat5 cables…the same thing you plug into your computer. With a digital signal, your resolution is equal to that of your new HD flat screen TV at home, and the viewing angle of each camera reaches out 100+ degrees. And for you, this means fewer cameras and an increase in coverage.

Live Monitoring

Criminals have grown smarter. They’ll leave nothing incriminating behind, ensuring their crime is a success. Whether you are utilizing analog or digital cameras, having proactive live monitoring can deter the crime. The proactive response to crime protects your business from thieves and vandals and can deter crime before it occurs. Live-monitoring cameras are set up on an Internet feed through your IP, sending live footage to live operators. If they notice anything suspicious they can call the police or blast an onsite audio alarm to scare off the trespassers before rather than after the crime has already been committed.

Already have video cameras?

Leverage your cameras with proactive live video surveillance from Stealth Monitoring. We can integrate your existing analog or digital cameras and add high-resolution megapixel IP cameras. We consult with you to design a full network for optimal coverage, including entrances, gates, fences, parking lots, and buildings.

Another Stealth Monitoring benefit is our Total Service offering. Stealth Monitoring doesn’t just monitor your property. We also monitor your entire surveillance data network, including cameras and DVRs. In many cases an expensive technician isn’t needed. Stealth software can detect problems related to power, internet, wireless, and camera outages. Our operators are able to identify some technical issues like down systems and perform basic troubleshooting remotely 24/7.

Whether we use your cameras, our cameras, or both, our trained staff can watch your assets when you’re not there. Contact us to find out how Stealth Monitoring can help your business be safer and more profitable by deterring and reducing crime with live monitoring.