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Multi-Unit Apartment Complex Garage Break-In

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Jun 19, 2015

Police in Fargo, ND are reminding city residents that the nice weather of spring typically comes with an increase in garage

break-in and robbery crime. In fact, Fargo Police arrested a man early on April 13 for breaking into garage stalls at a multi-unit apartment complex.

It happened under the cloak of darkness at 12:45 AM. Simply by luck, someone happened to notice a strange man enter someone else’s garage, and that witness summoned police. When officers arrived, they discovered that someone had actually broken through the sheetrock in the garage so that they could enter residents’ garage stalls.

Thanks to the tip from a witness, police successfully arrested a suspect in this garage break-in case. Things could have turned out much differently, much worse. For instance:

  1. What if no one had happened to stumble into this situation, this crime-in-process? The multi-apartment residents would have become helpless victims. And,
  2. what if the intruder had noticed and turned on the witness? That would have put him at-risk of potential harm. The hero of this story could have instead become the principal victim!

In short, it’s easy to see that counting on passers-by for crime prevention is not a good plan!

So, police say it’s advisable to be aware of the potential for increased criminal multi-apartment garage break-ins at commercial properties during the coming months. Increased awareness should lead to action. What kind of crime prevention would have kept residents and the witness safe from harm and loss during this incident in Fargo?

Could real-time video monitoring be the answer? Yes. Video cameras feed a live image to operators who observe the scene on monitors, as it happens, and can take action.

This apartment complex is not a client of Stealth Monitoring. If Stealth operators see someone breaking into the multi-unit apartment complex residents’ garage or spot suspicious activity they can divert these situations to the proper authorities. Stealth operators can issue an audible warning that can deter the crime or vandalism. Stealth monitors can call a security guard or the local police to investigate. They can also keep the police informed of the location of the culprits.

Spring and summer mean increased break-ins. Be ready. Contact us to see how Stealth Monitoring can protect your multi-unit apartment complex or any business that has outdoor assets. Visit our web site and see actual videos of criminals being apprehended at apartment complexes as well as other businesses.