Mailbox Bombers in Washington D.C. — Apartment Complex Security

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on September 12, 2017

Apartment complex security monitors witnessed an extreme case of property damage at a Class C property in Washington D.C. Class C multifamily apartment complexes usually have decreased occupancy, poor marketability, unwanted visitors, drug traffickers, vandalism, theft, and property damage.

Mailbox Bomber in Washington D.C. - Residential Security

At 12:32 A.M. apartment complex security operators saw a male suspect enter the outdoor surveillance camera's view. He appeared to be on good terms with the residents. The male suspect spoke to passengers of a waiting car and opened the door to help a woman and her infant.

He walked to the mailboxes and a female accomplice joins him. The apartment complex security monitor continued to watch the activity. Both suspects moved away from the mailbox. The mailbox exploded open. The surveillance monitors called the Washington D.C. Police. A crowd of residents checked to see what was going on.

Responding officers arrived at the Class C apartment community in eight minutes. Both suspects already left the scene of the crime. An apartment complex security monitor notified the residential property manager about the criminal activity. The manager arrived at the damaged mailbox. He took photos of the property damage and picked up the mail for safe keeping.

This client's apartment complex security system utilized the PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera. It allowed operators to zoom in on important details such as license plates and identifying features of the suspects.

Mail theft is not a new crime. These thieves can quickly profit from the criminal activity by stealing cash, gift cards, credit cards, and signed checks. Apartment complex security operators watch for suspicious activity related to mail theft, property damage, vandalism, and other crimes that frequently occur at Class C apartment complexes.

Class C multifamily apartment complexes are the lowest tier of residential properties. These properties are considered barely functional and are very inexpensive to rent. It's very common for Class C apartment complexes to have older assets and outdated building systems, designs, or finishes. These properties may also be in desperate need of maintenance and renovations.

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